Kuchler Polk Weiner is a women- and minority-owned civil defense firm with offices in New Orleans and Houston.


Kuchler Polk Weiner is a women- and minority-owned civil defense firm with offices in New Orleans and Houston.

We don’t turn over every stone. We turn over the right stones.

Our practice began in January 2009, when we left our former firm to chart a new course—one marked by a philosophy of clients first, employees second, and money third. We started with only a dozen lawyers and a handful of legal assistants. In the decade since, we have more than doubled in size, expanding to 23 lawyers and as many members of our support staff, leasing additional space in New Orleans, and opening an office in Houston to accommodate our larger footprint. We have also been named one of New Orleans’s Top Workplaces for the past four consecutive years. So, we’d say our philosophy has been a winning one.

Growth, however, has never come at the expense of service. We have made sure of that. Every step of the way, we have leveraged the individual talents and abilities of each member of our team in order to deliver outstanding results for our clients. Our team brings a wealth of experience to bear on our clients’ behalf, representing them in a broad range of civil litigation and administrative matters, including claims stemming from product liability, toxic exposures, environmental contamination, employment discrimination, and general commercial disputes, among many others.

Most of the matters that we handle are brought in Louisiana, Texas, or Mississippi. But plenty are not. Having built a practice on actually trying cases (irrespective of subject matter), we are often tapped to parachute into trial-threat cases around the country in the months leading up to trial. Our clients value this ability—to grasp the factual and legal issues quickly and comprehensively, to work collegially with their established local counsel, and to bring diversity and depth to their trial teams.

Our clients also value litigation that is managed cost-effectively. As fellow business owners, we understand the need to hold the bottom line. Fortunately, helping our clients do so is one of our strengths. Our rates are competitive, whether offered by the hour or under an AFA. Our attorneys excel at providing a high return on the time spent to move cases toward our clients’ goals, because they don’t turn over every stone. Instead, they turn over the right stones.

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We are always prepared to take a wide variety of cases to trial, such as commercial disputes; environmental claims; toxic tort cases, including community exposure claims and premises liability cases; worker and contractor claims, and individual cases involving asbestos, benzene, vinyl chloride, and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), among others; product liability cases; labor and employment claims, including race and gender discrimination cases, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claims, hostile work environment cases, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) proceedings; and maritime and Jones Act cases concerning personal injuries and property damage occurring on inland waterways and in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Our attorneys are undoubtedly our greatest asset. They are dynamic—able to tackle novel and challenging legal issues with relative ease and capable of moving between practice areas without missing a beat. They are Super Lawyers, law review members, and honors graduates of schools across the Southeast. They are diverse in race, gender, experience, and background. They are former assistant district attorneys, graphic designers, electrical engineers, educators, and crew boat captains. They’ve clerked for state and federal judges, and they have been honored for both their professional and public-service accomplishments. All together, they’ve taken hundreds of cases to trial and are licensed to practice in several states and the District of Columbia. And they are ready to bring their legal acumen to bear on your behalf.

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