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Michele Hale DeShazo Spoke at the Louisiana Diversity Council’s LA Women’s Conference

Michele Hale DeShazo served on a panel at the Louisiana Diversity Council’s Fourth Annual Louisiana Women’s Conference, “Finding Health, Wealth, and Balance in 2012,” in New Orleans. The event included motivational talks from successful women from all professional fields, as well as a keynote speech by political strategist, Donna Brazile.

Michele Hale DeShazo Spoke at Asbestos Litigation Tsunami Panel

Michele Hale DeShazo spoke at the Asbestos Litigation Tsunami panel during the Seventh Annual Judicial Symposium on Civil Justice Issues at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. The conference featured an audience of state and federal judges from throughout the country. The lively panel discussed various hot-button issues, including bankruptcy transparency matters and other claim trends.

Another Motion for Summary Judgment Victory

Michele Hale DeShazo and team obtained a Motion for Summary Judgment for a heavy equipment manufacturer. The Court determined that the bucket truck at issue was not a defective product as a matter of law. Plaintiffs alleged that the manufacturer was the successor for purposes of liability relative to a prior company. After extensive discovery and briefing on the issue, the Louisiana State District Court granted the Defendant Manufacturer’s Motion for Summary Judgment as to Plaintiffs’ claims for personal injuries in the product liability matter.

Janika Polk and Michele DeShazo Participated in Southern University Law Center’s Fall Professional Development Seminar

jdp and deshazoJanika Polk and Michele DeShazo participated in Southern University Law Center’s Fall Professional Development Seminar, followed by a reception sponsored by the Firm.