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Opinion Obtained by the LA 4th Cir. Court of Appeals Reversing Orleans Verdict

On May 18, 2012, Janika Polk and Lee Ziffer obtained an opinion from the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal reversing an Orleans Parish trial judge’s ruling quashing our client’s subpoena to the Johns Manville Asbestos Settlement Trust. In what is the first Louisiana appellate opinion on the matter, the Fourth Circuit found that contrary to the plaintiff’s arguments and the trial court’s determination, defendants are entitled to discover a plaintiff’s submissions to an asbestos bankruptcy trust and that those submissions are not protected by any recognized privilege under Louisiana law.

Janika Polk and Lee Ziffer – Motion for Summary Judgment Win

In Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, Janika Polk and Lee Ziffer successfully obtained dismissal of our client though a Motion for Summary Judgment arguing that our client was not the successor in interest to a manufacturer alleged to have caused the Plaintiff’s mesothelioma.